Bravo chanel dating a millionaire show

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Bravo chanel dating a millionaire show

"You're very handsome," she said, "I thought you were straight." She then clarified that he wasn't "queeny," as Cohen made a funny face that expressed his discomfort.

Stanger doled out more simplistic advice on other groups.

“We wish her the best with her new endeavors.” Her fellow Bravo-lebrities were sad to see her go.

Let’s say you missed this week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey and forgot to set your DVR. Me: probably give my hubby some grief about messing up my meticulously-planned recording schedule because let’s face it, this somehow was his fault!

As it turns out, you and I (and my marriage) are in luck because we have some great online resources to help get us our Bravo fix!

Bravo's 'Millionaire Matchmaker' host Patti Stanger has built a career on giving people dating guidance, but Sunday night on 'Watch What Happens Live,' her advice veered into offensive territory.

Taking calls from viewers, Stanger repeatedly packaged gay and Jewish stereotypes as insight in a segment that offended viewers and made host Andy Cohen visibly uncomfortable. Another caller hit on similar themes, and got a similar response from Stanger.

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