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Once reviewed by the matrimonial office, the matter is calendared for a court appearance, or forwarded to the assigned justice for signature, depending on the relief requested.The matrimonial clerks are responsible for scheduling Preliminary Conferences, processing uncontested divorces and notifying parties when judgments are signed or rejected due to defects that must be corrected.In defined contribution plans, an employee and/or employer make contributions into an account maintained in the employee’s name.These plans have a known account balance at Read More While divorce rates hover around 50% for first time marriages (and higher than that for subsequent unions), the reasons for splitting up often center around finances.Emergency applications are made in this office requiring immediate appearances before the court. If both you and your spouse agree to a divorce – this includes all other issues, such as child support, custody and visitation and marital assets -- you may obtain and complete the papers for an uncontested divorce by using the court’s Uncontested Divorce Do-It Yourself (DIY) Program, picking up the papers from the Kings Supreme Court Help Center, or printing them from the court's website.All signed orders from the matrimonial judges are processed through the matrimonial clerk's office. In a matrimonial action, when do I file a motion and when do I file an order to show cause? What do I do if my spouse is not complying with the divorce judgment order? If the other person does not want a divorce or disagrees with you about certain issues your divorce will be contested.

But finances play another role in divorce, too, according to a recent report in Barron’s.During the appeal, you will not be able to offer new evidence, but you can make new arguments.It is important that appealing parties understand that the appellate court may decide to require one party to pay the other party's attorney fees on appeal.Financial obligations between spouses continue after many divorces.Child support or spousal maintenance may be ordered, requiring one spouse to pay the other a monthly sum.

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Retirement plans can be defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans or some type of hybrid.