Dating and courtship in islam

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Dating and courtship in islam

It is not a decision made lightly nor is it left up to young people guided by their hormones.Marriage is contemplated and decided after much prayer, investigation and family involvement.Dating as it is defined by most world cultures does not exist within the Muslim faith.Young Muslim women and men do not experience one-on-one relationships like many do.

According to Islam, marriage is one of the most important of life’s decisions.Out of a fear of western values that accept pre-marital sex, the Muslim community has become paralyzed when approaching the issue of dating.However, many Muslim youth have abandoned the notion of no dating and have chosen to date behind their parents back instead.I have a confession to make: I am a huge romantic comedy junkie.Having watched almost every Hollywood romantic comedy produced after 1995, a huge part of me used to wish that my life would somehow pan out the same way as these lead female characters.

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I'd say that post-30s (age is not but a number) a six month turnaround is quite common.

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