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House wife fuck chat free

" Tom asked his wife as he watched her bend over to put the dinner in the oven. Money was never an issue and neither was infidelity. Maybe it started when their Son left for college two years ago. Her face lacked the wrinkles of a working woman and her free time allowed her to keep keep her body trimmed and toned. 20 years is a long time you know..." "I know..." Beth sighed as she looked out the kitchen window. --- It was Saturday afternoon and Tom was sitting in the recliner watching TV. Beth reached out for something to hold onto but all she felt were the couch cushions.

"Well is seems like that's the next step when two people fight non-stop" he answered as he set his glass down on the table. They were High School sweethearts who had gotten hitched during Tom's Sophomore year of college. Beth was able to stay home and raise their Son without ever having to worry about working. "I just thought that maybe it was the best way to see other people, but keep our marriage together. " Tom looked up, ready in case his Wife was looking for something to throw at him. A million potential answers ran through her mind as she took a deep breath. She felt an excitement that hadn't been there in years... Her pussy continued to give resistance but the persistent teen pushed even harder. She tried to grasp the situation but all she saw was white. "Fuck yeah..." the boy loudly groaned as he began taking deeper and faster thrusts.

She would listen first and would get very turned on and then afterwards she would want a good fucking herself, making love noisily and wildly.

She told me that she liked to imagine, while we made love, that she was being fucked by someone else. Her fantasy while we made love was she was being screwed by a total stranger.

Her own sexual experiences had beenlimited to allowing a few boyfriends to feel her tits and finger her pussy.

Jeanie would ask me to tell her about my experiences and would get turned on by my talking about how and where I had fucked the girls I had fucked before we met.

I didn’t really like the idea that she was imagining that she was being made love to by someone else at first but she insisted this was just fantasy and that she did not really want anyone else to make love to her.

We enjoyed talking about this and our other sexual fantasies, however the recurring theme was always another man fucking her.

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" Tom said taken aback, completely surprised by her answer. "I'll find a guy for you, invite him over, and keep an eye on the situation as things play out. "Just wear whatever" Tom yelled back as he stepped onto his own driveway and walked up the pathway steps. She felt the burn as she stepped out of her car and began walking towards the house. Tom was sitting in the chair as Beth entered the house. The boy moved closer behind her and began rubbing his throbbing cockhead along her pussy lips.