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Of changesets and updating work items

If that “baseline” build is way back – and not changing between successive builds – that’s why the list is forever growing.So how does TFS decide which build to choose as the baseline?Alternatively if there's a related Bug in the system that requires a code change they will link the Support ticket to the bug and then check in the changeset linked to the bug.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – TFS is more than just source control. One of the defining capabilities of TFS is integration across the ALM landscape.The default behaviour is to use the last successful build of the same definition – meaning fully successful builds only, not partially successful builds (i.e. So you may have many consecutive partially successful builds but TFS will ignore them for the purpose of associating changesets and work items. Handily, the Associate Changesets And Work Items activity comes with some useful input arguments: Current Label, Last Label, and Update Work Items.In the default template, both the label arguments are blank so the activity will work out which to use, but we can provide our own values to override that behaviour.The default TFS build template has a great feature where you can include in the build summary a list of changesets and work items that relate to the build.This is very useful, but under certain circumstances the list gets longer and longer – the build process correctly associates new changes with the build, but does it cumulatively – associating the same changes and work items with many successive builds.

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So the only change that’s associated to the LIVE build is the merge from MAIN. But wait: there’s an API that you can use to get the merge sources and so you *could* go and generate your own report.

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