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But at least they show up (and the #fb tag won't show on the page).

There are two "modes" of Facebook sharing on Strava: One is on a per-activity basis, and the other automatically shares all activities to Facebook as soon as the activity is synced.

The result is that when Twitter users feed their tweets into Facebook using the Twitter Facebook app, their friends on Facebook get a sewage stream of tweets fouling up their news feeds. For an example of that, see the screenshot illustrating the sorts of results this reporter got from his friends on Facebook when he crowdsourced a question to tech folks Twitter.

If you don't want to go through all this trouble, you can leave these settings alone and turn on Sane Box's Sane News folder.

One workaround is to use the facebook app Selective Tweets.

This will post to pages; however unlike the native twitter app, each tweet you want to go to the facebook page you must end with #fb, hence the whole "Selective" thing.

That allows you to get the notifications but instead of staying in your Inbox, your server will move them to your Sane News folder where they won't interrupt your day and where you can read them at your convenience.

If you are active on both Twitter and Facebook then you probably already know how much work it can be to keep both feeds updated.

How automatic Facebook sharing works: Directly after uploading an activity, you will see the activity edit page before clicking "Save & View." You can share activities to Facebook by flipping ON the Facebook toggle for any activities you wish to share (button turns blue).

Keep in mind that this toggle will turn on automatic sharing.

Inside my Twitter settings, I have set everything up accordingly, but it is not working.

Tweets are simply not being displayed on the Facebook page. I run an internet marketing business and clients are very frustrated that they are paying for this as part of their monthly package and it is not working.

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On Twitter, you may also be trying to send messages back and forth with real friends — but many people are using the service to get as many followers as possible and prove how influential they are.

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