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Surfer dating

The dating app, geared towards bacon lovers, is one of many tools that have sprung up recently for people looking to find dates -- and love -- within a super niche community.From salad lovers to surfing fanatics, here are some of the dating apps and sites out there serving very, very specific interest groups.Don't let anyone tell you surfers aren't total badasses. Well, maybe a woman sporting a surf rack on her car.And it's hard to deny that a guy with a surfboard in the bed of his truck is instantly more attractive..

So, yeah, we know you've scoped the hotties on Tinder and Ok Cupid but have you ever tried Sizzl?

Surfing Passions Surfing Passions is a free dating site for singles who love to surf.

Join for free and take advantage of free email, chat, forums and more. Whether you looking to date, or you are just looking for a surfing buddy, Surfer Singles is a site aiming to connect you. Date Surfers Hit the waves after meeting fellow surfers on Date Surfers. State Top 10 Straight Dating Sites Top 10 Gay Dating Sites Information provided on this website is believed to be accurate; however A Greater Date does not guarantee it's accuracy.

Multiple times, snooty friends of mine have turned up their noses at the mention of Tinder, assuming I would use a “normal” dating app only if I’d never heard of Raya, or if—shock, horror—I’d applied and been rejected.

The problem, of course, is that whenever something is defined as being elite or exclusive, it tends to attract status-conscious douchebags.

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So the other night I was at a party, talking to a friend of a friend—one of those special types of New York artists who never actually make any art. The consensus seems to be: Why go to a party that lets everyone in, when you could go to the party that accepts only a select few?