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Updating condo lien florida

Hence, mortgages recorded before the 2008 effective date are not impacted.

Second, the statute limits liability of the first mortgagee acquiring title through foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure to lesser of 1% of the original principal of the mortgage or 12 months of assessments accruing immediately before the mortgagee takes title.

An act relating to construction defect claims; amending s. Effective Date: 7/1/15 Remedies to remove non-tenant occupants once the party in possession has left.The super priority against mortgages is limited by two factors.First, due process under the Constitution prohibits statutes from changing contractual rights created prior to the effective date of the statute.Mobile Homes; Requires Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, & Mobile Homes to approve training & educational programs for board members of mobile home owners associations; provides requirements for education curriculum information for board member & mobile home owner training; revises mobile home owner’s general obligations; provides & revises requirements for lot rental increases; revises provisions relating to rights of purchasers of lifetime leases; provides for removal of member of board of directors; revises quorum & voting requirements; revises provisions relating to board of directors, committee, & member meetings; revises requirements for amendment of articles of incorporation & bylaws; revises requirements for recall of board members; provides requirements for alternative resolution of recall disputes; specifies certification or educational requirements for newly elected or appointed board member; revises & provides requirements relating to official records of association.Effective Date: 7/1/2015 Matches 723 association regulations to 720 associations.

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